#1 Giving talks between Raka’aat of Taraweeh? Shaykh Naasirudeen al-Albaani


A Fiqh related question if you don’t mind? Is it permissible for the Imam of the Masjid or a caller to Allah that leads the people for Salaatul -Taraaweeh whereby there is a little break between the Raka’aat. He gives them reminders related to certain issues such as the Virtues of Prayers, following of the Prophet (peace be upon him), refuting innovation and shirk related affairs. Basically, things which one must be aware of?


Shaykh Naasirudeen al-Albaani (may Allah have mercy upon him):

The answers (falls into) permissible or not permissible.  If the admonition, warnings, commandments and prohibitions are done in response then this compulsory. As for it being taken as a procedure or as a habit between the four Raka’aat, or if its longer or less, in which the Imam delivers a talk then this is in opposition to the Sunnah.

If the affair is unplanned then this is compulsory. As for taking it as a habit, Salaatul-Taraweeh is an act of Worship which solely directs a muslim to Allah, through all his limbs, mind, intellect and heart. This is the purpose of Salaatul-Taraweeh, Salaatu-Ramadan. As for taking a sitting in between the two or four Raka’aat as a fixed action then this is not what the Prophet was upon ‘Alayhis Saalutu was-Salaam.

Translation by Markaz DaarutTawheed

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