#2 Giving talks between Raka’aat of Taraweeh? | Shaykh Saalih Ibn al-Uthaymeen



What is the ruling on an Imaam (who) always gives a talk in the middle of Salaatul-Taraweeh?


Shaykh Saalih ibn al-Uthaymeen:

What is he saying? is he saying straighten up and even up?





Shaykh Saalih ibn al-Uthaymeen:

If he notices after standing from the second Tasleem that the rows have become uneven, or there’s a seperation, or within them there’s a gap; let him say ‘Istaaw and Taraasuuw’.



He’s delivering a speech…


Shaykh Saalih ibn al-Uthaymeen:

As for giving a talk then NO! This is not from the Manhaj of the Salaf. However, if their is a need for it then let him do it after the Taraweeh.



Is this an innovation?


Shaykh Saalih ibn al-Uthaymeen:

If he intends by it worship then it is an innovation! A sign of intention in worship is by him doing it every night. We say to him why do you exhaust the people? Some might have work; they would like to finish the prayer and leave so that they may act upon the Hadeeth of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم : ” Whoever stands with the Imam until he leaves it is written for him the reward of night prayer”.

If you are from those who love giving talks; which half the people do also. You are from those who exhaust the people.  (words unclear)   Didn’t the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم say: ” If one of you leads than let him lighten it upon the people for verily their is the weak, the sick and people who have things to do amongst them…”.

Meaning don’t compare people with yourself or like others who love these talks. However, act in accordance to that which makes it easy for them. Lead the prayer. If you finished the prayer and departed and the people have also departed; then say that which you wish. Understood?

Translation by Markaz DaarutTawheed

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